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Dietitians Book

Counselling Skills for Dietitians
by Judy Gable, Tamara Herrmann

The third edition Counselling Skills for Dieticians has been fully revised and updated to reflect the recent developments, research and interests in the field. It explores the skills required for dietetic counselling, and includes frequent examples of dialogue from patient consultations, as well as exercises and activities so that the reader can undergo experiential learning relevant to their practice.

  • Includes examples from daily practice to illustrate the difficulties encountered by dietitians and demonstrate the application of counselling skills
  • Clearly explains theoretical models of accepted counselling practice underpinning the skills described
  • Has been updated to include additional information on topics such as assertiveness skills and eating distress
  • Addresses practical and psychological issues faced by dietitians and patients
  • Includes the latest research evidence for counselling skills in dietetic practice
  • Draws upon research evidence, theory and experience from the fields of psychotherapy and counselling
  • Now provides access to a range of supportive online material including videos of consultations, case studies and resources for trainers

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics
by Vanessa Shaw

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics is a comprehensive guide to the nutritional management of a wide range of paediatric disorders. It provides key information on how conditions may benefit from nutritional support or be ameliorated or resolved by dietary intervention. Covering assessment, requirements and normal healthy eating as well as the dietetic management and nutrition support of inherited metabolic disorders and diseases of all major organ systems, it is an indispensable guide for all those involved in the nutritional treatment of children.

Fully revised and updated for its fourth edition, this practical manual now includes links to useful online content and incorporates a range of case studies to place material in clinical context.

Written by dietitians for dietitians and officially supported by the British Dietetic Association, Clinical Paediatric Dietetics is an indispensable resource for all healthcare practitioners caring for children.

Multicultural Handbook of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
by Aruna Thaker, Arlene Barton

Multicultural Handbook of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics is the must have practical resource for dietitians, nutritionists and students working with both well settled but also recently migrated ethnic groups.
Written by a team of authors drawn from the British Dietetic Association’s Specialist Multicultural Nutrition Group the book provides in-depth information to equip the reader in the provision of nutrition advice to minority groups. Spanning a broad range of cultural groups the book seeks to consider religious and cultural requirements in relation to traditional diets; research on migration studies and chronic disease states; and nutrition and dietetic treatment in relation to key chronic diseases.

by Esther A. Winterfeldt, Margaret L. Bogle, Lea L. Ebro

Dietetics: Practice and Future Trends, Second Edition presents a thorough overview of the food and nutrition profession And The many areas of opportunity open to current and future practitioners. The second edition provides detailed descriptions of a broad spectrum of career choices as well as information on specific practice areas in which today’s dietitians are employed. In addition, this book covers emerging areas of practice that require specific knowledge and skills along with a broad understanding of community health needs. Undertaking a conceptual approach that includes historical background, educational requirements and roles and functions of dietitians and other food and nutrition professionals, The authors have compiled an invaluable resource for students and professionals. Simply put, this book is about dietitians, what they do, where they practice, and what is required to become a dietitian.

Dietitian’s Handbook of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition
by Annalynn Skipper

This thoroughly revised and updated Third Edition of a bestselling handbook provides comprehensive coverage of systems approaches to medical nutrition therapy. Designed for graduate nutrition students, dietetic interns, and practicing dietitians, this authoritative handbook provides a solid foundation in and reference to the nutrition support field. Expert contributors present a practical approach to the delivery of parenteral and enteral nutrition. It covers all of the basics—nutritional assessment, nutrition management, monitoring and complications, and formulas, as well as new topics— wound healing, trauma, and critically ill obese patients. This is the first textbook to fully integrate the Nutrition Care Process into enteral and parenteral nutrition content as specified in the 2008 Commission on Accreditation of Dietetic Education Standard II. The Nutrition Care Process content is updated to reflect changes from the 2011 edition of the International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology.

Nutrition and Dietetics
by Shubhangini A Joshi

 The field of Nutrition and Dietetics is experiencing much more awareness, new information, and new developments.

Some information becomes obsolete and needs to be revised. The book has thus been restructured and redesigned to

update it with the current developments in the subject area.

Salient Features

– Encompasses all the fundamentals of the subject—Role of Nutrients, Balanced Diet, Diet Therapy for

Cardiovascular, Kidney, and Liver Diseases; Food Safety Measures.

– Case Studies for students, teachers, practicing nutritionists and dietitians.

– The chapter on ‘Nutrition in HIV and AIDS’ is a special addition to this book, which will enable students understand

the health and nutritional problems associated with this disease as well as the strategies for treatment.

I’m a Registered Dietitian… Now What?
by Anne Elizabeth

I’m a Registered Dietitian… Now What? Is a question each registered dietitian experiences along their professional journey. You are not alone. As you travel along your registered dietitian journey, this book will meet you where you have been, where you are and where you want to go. It is a book every registered dietitian will read throughout different times in their careers. By the end of this book, you’ll understand why you became a registered dietitian and why you want to continue being a registered dietitian through these topics: What is your story, passion and purpose as a registered dietitian How do you find fulfillment in your job How to know when it is time to move on and to have the courage to go after the exact job you want as a registered dietitian How to find joy as a registered dietitian by being a mentor, leader and your role in the future of dietetics