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Political Science Book In Hindi

Political Science Quiz Book
by Rajiv Ranjan

Graduate in Journalism. He is a freelance journalist. He has written articles and reviews for several newspapers and magazines. He has several books in Hindi and English to his credit. Ranjan has been a film journalist for many years and is also associated with All India Radio and Doordarshan.

by Dr. N. D. Arora

 Political Science for Civil Services Mains Examination is mainly aimed at students who are preparing for the UPSC Mains Examinations. This comprehensive textbook is completely suited for Civil Services Mains and state civil services preparation. Its primary aim is to cover the entire syllabus of Political Science in great detail. Individual modules of the syllabus are covered in separate chapters, with author’s notes provided in boxes. Each chapter is followed by a variety of questions that provide a wider scope of coverage. The book cuts across several specialized papers and is also useful for Preliminary and Optional Examinations.

The Ebook of Political Science for Civil Services Mains Examination 2e is for the UPSC and State PSC aspirants who wish to optimize their study time by studying on the go anytime anywhere. Carrying your textbooks everywhere you go is tedious and impractical. Made into a two color Epub version of the 2nd  Edition of this book can be accessed in the student’s mobile phone, tab or other portable devices whether Android or Windows. This ebook is the perfect solution available to you 24*7 in your pockets.

Hindi Dalit Literature and the Politics of Representation
by Sarah Beth Hunt

This study explores how Dalits in north India have used literature as a means of protest against caste oppression. Including fresh ethnographic research and interviews, it traces the trajectory of modern Dalit writing in Hindi and its pivotal role in the creation, rise and reinforcement of a distinctive Dalit identity.

The book challenges the existing impression of Hindi Dalit literature as stemming from the Dalit political assertion of the 1980s and as being chiefly imitative of the Marathi Dalit literature model. Arguing that Hindi Dalit literature has a much longer history in north India, it examines two differing strands that have taken root in Dalit expression — the early ‘popular’ production of smaller literary pamphlets and journals at the beginning of the 20th century and more contemporary modes such as autobiographies, short stories and literary criticism.

The author highlights the ways in which such various forms of literary works have supported the proliferation of an all-encompassing identity for the so-called ‘untouchable’ castes. She also underscores how these have contributed to their evolving political consciousness and consolidation of newer heterogeneous identities, making a departure from their long-perceived image. The work will be important for those in Dalit studies, subaltern history, Hindi literature, postcolonial studies, political science and sociology as well as the informed general reader.

An Introduction to Political Theory
by Gauba

This new edition of An Introduction to Political Theory examines a fairly wide range of issues on political theory as identified at the beginning of the new millennium. It elaborates the nature and significance of political theory, concept of ideology, wi


Political theory and political philosophy are generally used inter-changeably, though sometimes a distinction is made between the two. This book on political theory deals with the study of political instructions alongwith the theories of State, Law, Liberty and Equality. In its second edition, the book continues to analyse the key concepts like Authority, Power, Sovereignty, Political obligation, Civil disobedience, Citizenship, Rights, Democracy and Justice. The non-western ideas, including Indian and Chinese, are incorporated to underline cultural plurality and shared values in an enterprise that tries to set universal standards. The book is designed for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Political Science. The book will be equally beneficial for the students appearing for the civil services examinations.

Political Ideologies
by H. B. McCullough

Political Ideologies provides a concise overview of the political theories and theorists that have shaped the modern world, dissecting the major political ideologies of our age, and uncovering the rich layers of both their historical roots and their contemporary expressions.